Saving history

Every home is a story. Our workers often find newspapers and day-to-day items of distant decades, kid’s drawings, liquor bottles—you name it. As any homeowner knows, there is an emotional benefit to saving material from a home. Here are some of the projects Unbuilders has been proud to be a part of.

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James Street, Vancouver

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

This house was located in Riley Park at the City’s highest point topographically. The house also represented a low point for many in the neighbourhood who watched it become decrepit and ultimately be condemned after years of neglect.

Mary Avenue, Fort Langley

The Old Homestead

So named after Mary Mavis, an original farmsteader at the current Fort Langley site, this house on Mary Avenue was one of the first farms outside the fort (1880s). At that time, it was the only structure on the road with the original church. It has been added onto several times. Unbuilders recovered +140-year-old hand-milled lumber.

Palmerston Avenue, West Vancouver

The House on the Hill

The reason for this de-construction was both sad and sweet. The couple who originally built the house called it home for 50 years. Its steep-banked driveway, however, wasn’t practical for the aging couple, and they were forced to sell. Rather than demolish, they opted to hand-disassemble it and save the material.

Fairlight Crescent, Delta

The Delta Demo

This house set two records for us. First, it was our quickest deconstruction (about two weeks). And it was also our largest wood packet to-date with TWO full truck-loads topped out with reclaimed wood.

We unbuild them all

Whether it’s a kitchen renovation or an entire home removal, Unbuilders maximizes salvage to minimize cost, hassle and environmental footprint.


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