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We sell a massive selection of reclaimed wood that comes directly from our deconstruction projects.

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Reclaimed Wood

We carry a wide variety of sizes, types, and dimensions of reclaimed wood, including original fir and oak flooring.

Wood Types

  • Dimensional lumber
  • Shiplap and strapping
  • Large posts, beams, joists
  • Salvaged and wide plank flooring

Old Growth Lumber

Unbuilders harvests more than just raw material, we save history. Much of our lumber comes from buildings that were constructed with ancient trees, some over 2000 years old.

Old Growth Advantages

  • Three times stronger than standard lumber
  • 12 times less embodied carbon
  • Tight grained & beautiful
  • Scarce resource

Our Clients

We sell our materials to many acclaimed creative organizations.

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Get a Quote

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Vancouver: 778-877-1973

Victoria: 250-886-4738

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