We are unbuilders!

We’re salvage experts. Our team of former-carpenters, roofers, framers, and other tradespeople have swapped from construction to de-construction, led by green builder (now unbuilder) Adam Corneil and project manager Dan Armishaw. Our team is friendly, and knows how to get things done right while keeping the job site safe.

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Old Growth.

The City of Vancouver incorporated in 1886 and immediately drew people from eastern Canada and abroad for the opportunity and wealth of resources it promised.  The Lower Mainland was built on resource extraction and cunning entrepreneurship. The population grew rapidly, and so did innovations in the lumber industry. As a result, forests full of ancient trees hundreds of years old (in many cases 1,000+) were clear-cut across the province.

It’s that lumber our crew uncovers today. Our service doesn’t only save wood; it saves history.

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