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About us

We are salvage experts. Our team of former-carpenters, roofers, framers, and tradespeople have made the switch from construction to deconstruction.

“Our vision is a construction industry where deconstruction and remanufacturing replaces demolition and disposal.”
-Adam. Owner of unbuilders

Adam Corneil


Adam is a builder and entrepreneur with an extensive background in Passive House construction, deconstruction & reclaimed wood use. While building homes, Adam saw a need for major changes in the demolition industry and thus began his journey to start Unbuilders. Passionate about his family, mountain sports, and protecting our environment, he is committed to providing a more conscious and efficient future for the next generations to enjoy.

Adam’s road to unbuilders

At 16, flips his first house 2000
Environmentalist fire stoked while obtaining undergrad 2005
Residential framing, building & property management 2007
Launches Naturally Crafted Contracting 2013
Founds Unbuilders 2018

The Team

The Unbuilders team is composed of passionate individuals that are committed to a long term vision of disrupting an industry built on waste.

Dan Armishaw runs Unbuilders Vancouver Island operations and is a fourth-generation islander. A well-equipped problem solver, Dan is an insistent hard worker and team motivator, radiating positive energy on-site.

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Have a project? Looking for work? Drop us a line and let us know! Contact us directly or complete the form and a representative will be in touch.

Vancouver: 778-877-1973

Victoria: 250-886-4738

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Contact Us