We don’t demolish your home,
we unbuild it.

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Homes don’t belong in landfills

Unbuilders is Canada’s foremost deconstruction company. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, we unbuild homes by hand and salvage almost everything, including irreplaceable old growth lumber, windows, doors, cabinets, fixtures and appliances.

We unbuild them all

Unbuilders maximizes salvage to minimize cost, hassle and environmental footprint. We are proud to hold the City of Vancouver’s highest recorded salvage and recycle rate at 97%. 

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Saving history

We salvage and recover old-growth lumber.  This wood was milled from 500- to 1,000-year-old trees, rarely seen today. Unbuilders recaptures this history, keeping irreplaceable lumber in the supply chain. We document all our projects with pictures and video to record every home’s story.

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